You’re Not A Jackass Whisperer

We know who they are: the haters. The people in your life who feel perfectly entitled to judge you, criticize you, berate you, and sometimes even dominate you. We all know them, and we all tolerate them to a point. The important thing to understand about these unhappy folks is that THEY are not your responsibility to fix. In fact, they are incapable of being fixed by anyone other than themselves. People who freely spew hate speech are jackasses, plain and simple. And their issues with you are their own issues, not yours. You cannot win over a hater, no matter how hard you try because they are determined to prove to themselves that YOU are the problem, not them. You are not a jackass whisperer nor should you try to be. My advice? Walk away. Remove yourself from that person’s presence. There is a whole lot of life out there for everyone to enjoy, and yours does not have to include a hater. Leave them be. Put them in a corner and walk away. Choose who you want to include in your life, and please don’t feel guilty about it. Family and friends are important, yes, but not if their behavior causes you pain or contributes to the denigration of your self worth. Haters need to be left alone so they can work on themselves and for you to have a healthier space in which to heal. You have a right to an existence in which you feel free to love yourself and others by choice, not by duty or guilt. Remember, haters gonna hate. There is no stopping that, but you do not have to be in their presence when they do.

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