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Have you ever noticed that certain events, or situations, keep occurring in your life … as if you’re stuck in a loop somehow? Do you keep attracting the same type of people to you … and not necessarily the type of temperament you want around you? I did for the longest time and finally noticed one day that there was a second loop running concurrently … only this loop was internal rather than external and it appeared as if it directed the outer environment I was experiencing. It all seemed to have to do with my attitude. I noticed that the days I got out of bed and consciously focused on looking forward to my day rather than thinking, “Oy, here we go again,” were different. I found that traffic was not near as vexing, that I wasn’t late to work, that I was better prepared mentally for speaking at meetings, and that my coworkers were more cooperative, supportive, and pleasant. And I found my extended family to be more loving and affectionate toward me, my children more joyful to be around, and my partner more captivating than I had noticed in quite some time. In addition, while maintaining a more positive and grateful outlook, I noticed that those people who didn’t feel the same way … the same type of negative people who surrounded me on my dark days … came around less often … eventually either disappearing altogether or becoming more positive and relaxed when around me. I was fascinated by this and have since come to believe that the same darkness that at one point I felt haunted me was actually the finest teacher I could ever hope to have. One must taste bitterness before it’s possible to appreciate sweetness. Without witnessing the dark clouds of battle, one cannot see the beauty and promise in a simple sunrise. It is that same type of stark contrast in our lives that is educational … and evolutionary. 

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