Urgency – Desire

Have you ever noticed that connection between urgency and desire? Desire drives ambition … ambition drives initiative … and initiative drives action. But without a sense of urgency, the desire to achieve and all those big plans you’ve made just seem to deflate over time. To succeed in life, you must develop a sense of urgency. It will activate your imagination, stimulate your ingenuity, and keep you on track to achieve your goals. The best sense of urgency is self generated and self perpetuating, with no need for pressure from outside influences. However, for most of us, that urgent need to change something in our life usually surfaces when we’re at the end of our rope, we’re frightened, and we’re operating on raw emotion. THAT kind of urgency is not the best breeding ground for healthy decisions. So to combat that tendency, take a few minutes to write down your goals, and give yourself a time frame in which to achieve them. Then break down your goals into smaller and smaller milestones until you have a plan that you can work every single day that will take you one step closer to what you desire.

When you wake up each morning, remind yourself that you have another chance to remake your life into what you want. Think about what’s right in your life and then think about what you’d like to change. Review your list of goals for the day, then get on with it, checking off each goal as you go. Every evening, review what you’ve accomplished and make up your list for tomorrow. Doing this routine daily will launch you into the life you’ve always wanted, but at a gradual pace. This way the changes you make are small and easily achievable, and you’ll begin to see every sunrise as a life-changing opportunity.

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