Standing and Staring

How many of us do this? Standing (or sitting) and staring off into space, deep in thought and oblivious to our surroundings. I confess that I do it all the time. Some would call that daydreaming. I call it preparation. The difference between the two is whether or not your musings are actionable. Using your intellect and imagination to assess possibilities, set goals, and develop strategies to reach those goals is necessary “preparation” for embarking on a journey of change. In contrast, wishing your life was different or wondering what it would be like to do something different is “daydreaming” because there is no call to action, no planning … it’s just wishful thinking. Many people do both, but the successful ones … the ones who achieve their goals … are those who plan for and then act on making their dreams come true. They are anxious to change, and they plan that journey meticulously. Which are you?

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