Profound Relationships

I had no choice but to pair this quote with its author, Shirley MacLaine … for the thought and the person are one in my mind. Reading Shirley’s book “Out On A Limb” opened my eyes to a world of philosophy and concepts that I had never considered nor remembered reading about before. The story of her life and her esoteric adventures had a profound impact on me. It was 1987, my father was dying, and I was faced with the first significant death in my life. I had so many questions and yet could find no answers. Up to that point, I had never felt spiritual in any way. As a child, my mother had dragged me to a few churches, but the services felt so staged and artificial that I couldn’t relate to them. And then one day, a coworker (who was a devout Catholic) handed me a book … Shirley’s book … and asked me to take it off her hands before they burst into flame, and then walked away. What an odd statement, I thought. And that is how my own personal journey of discovery began … my journey into myself to discover myself. As I read Shirley’s book, I kept thinking how odd it was that I felt so comfortable with the controversial concepts she wrote about. I found none of them surprising. In fact, I was stunned that page after page I consistently felt as if I was remembering rather than learning. And this forever changed me. I began to embrace a magnificent paradigm shift in how I viewed my life and others around me, and I’ve never looked back. I no longer felt adrift because I had uncovered my anchor … me.

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