Predict the Future

The iconic Whitney Houston. She appeared to have everything anyone could hope for … unbelievable talent, physical beauty, success, loving family … so what happened? It would appear that Whitney had some pretty deep insecurities. I say “appear” because no one really knew what haunted Whitney in her private moments but her … and no one could really help … but her. I believe the deconstruction of her life all came down to the quality of her choices. We all are faced with choices every day that mold our future, some big but most of them small. For example, if you never say please and thank you, how would that affect your reputation? If you eat fast food every day and never exercise, what effect would that have on your body? If you choose your work over your family on a regular basis, how would that ultimately affect your relationship with them? These are small, seemingly innocent daily choices that, when repeated over time, develop a powerful, destructive nature of their own. And these are just the small innocuous choices you make quite often without thinking about consequences. What about the BIG choices such as should I accept that job offer in another city? Should I go to college? Should I get a divorce? Those choices you probably spend quite a bit of time thinking about. But ALL of your choices, big and small, predict your future as well as the futures of those around you. You are not the only one affected by your own choices. They impact everyone around you, too, on some level. It’s called the butterfly effect. Small causes can have big effects, definitely bigger than you intend to happen at the time. So choose wisely.

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