Precious Jewels

No other feeling in the world compares to having your child’s arms wrapped around your neck, their heart beating against your own. My most precious memories involve my children. Growing up, I never thought about becoming a parent. I never played house. I didn’t play with dolls or have tea parties. I didn’t babysit other people’s children. And as an adult in a committed relationship, I religiously used birth control. So you can imagine how surprised I was to find myself pregnant, not once but four times! These children were obviously meant to be born through me, regardless of how unprepared I was for the profound feelings of love I experienced at each of their births. To this day, I love each of them dearly and cannot imagine a life without them in it, nor would I want to. And when I look at my grown children, I of course see them as the adults they are … but I also see behind their eyes that same vulnerable, unsure 5-year-old I dressed for their first day of school … can still feel the warmth from their tiny arms around my neck as they kissed me goodbye. That is what I see no matter how old they are. They will always be my precious, imperfect little jewels.

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