We are Powerful

Fear is the foundation of all emotion — its presence as well as its absence. There are all types of fears … abandonment, betrayal, success, failure … enclosed spaces, snakes … you get the idea. But I think the biggest fear that drives our self-esteem and determines our level of contentment in life is that we are not living up to our full potential. Humans are incredibly powerful creatures, with minds and physical abilities that are unequaled in any other species in the world. We are the caretakers of the world, we and we alone hold dominion over the other life forms around us. With great power comes great responsibility. How are you exercising your power over other lives? Are you protecting and nurturing, or are you dominating and brutalizing? Are you apathetic and disinterested, or are you decisive and actively mentoring? How are you using the great power of the human spirit in your life?

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