Own The Story

We all have parts of our past that we would like to pretend never happened. Parts that we regret, we resent, we … hate. Ashamed, we stuff the memories down and do our best to ignore them. They’re hurtful, shaming, and guilt riddled. And you tell yourself that those memories you bury so deeply do not reflect the person you are today. And so you lie … to yourself, to your family and friends, and to the world. But those hidden memories ARE part of who you are today. They are a key component of your psyche. They influence you quietly, surreptitiously … whether you consciously acknowledge them or not. They keep crawling out of the mental graves you’ve crafted for them, and you keep smacking them down. Sigh … how exhausted you are … battle weary and wary. But seriously … what are you truly afraid of? These events, these occurrences in your past are exactly that: past history, old emotions and traumas that are no longer part of your life, unless you allow it. Someone very wise once told me that it’s not the memory that hurts, for a memory is only a recollection of something that happened to you or around you. It has no power over you. Only the emotions you associate with the memory empower its recollection to hurt you. So if you can find a way to acknowledge these painful emotions and events (sit with them, feel them, accept them as your truth) and then willingly release them as pieces of your past, you will finally own your story, ALL of it. And once you own it, you can finally write the ending you want. 

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