Humble Beginnings

This is an admonition about underestimating someone just because of where they may be currently situated in our society. For example, this is a picture of some stunning graffiti in a neighborhood in New York. The artistry is beautiful and bewitching … the work of a true artist … and yet I wonder about this street artist and his or her dreams and aspirations. Someone with this kind of vision and talent has a lot to say, and yet would you recognize his or her potential if you just passed them on the street? If this artist was dressed in torn jeans, worn out sneakers, and a dark hoodie, with tattoos on their hands and arms, would you look into their eyes as they approach? Or would you discount them and divert your gaze as the distance between you narrowed along the sidewalk? Do not judge, lest you be judged. Every one of us has a talent, a gift to offer the world … and every gift, no matter how small and quiet, has value and worth.

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