One Woman’s Strength

I have experienced some pretty awful things in my life: incest, sexual harassment, social ostracization, shame, humiliation, depression, pressure to conform, betrayal, financial and emotional bankruptcy … the list goes on and on. And over the years I have wondered if my life would have been different had I been born male instead of female? My conclusion? No. Male privilege is a myth. Life is what it is regardless of your gender. No one completely escapes the ugly side of life in our society. It’s endemic to human nature. But honestly, it’s what you do with those ugly experiences that determines the quality of your life. Through my own experiences I learned that the aftermath of a traumatic event is quite often much more difficult than the event itself. Hopefully, your body will recover. Your spirit, however, may not unless you will it to. THAT is the strength this quote is talking about: the human will to survive. We all have an inner strength that is truly powerful. It’s just that you won’t realize it’s there until circumstance forces you to call upon it. I speak from experience. You are far, far stronger than you realize.

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