Hello Fear

I am always afraid when faced with attempting something I’ve never done before. Sometimes the fear is masked as simple apprehension, other times as indecision, but it’s all fear when you get right down to it. But what is that a reflection of? Is it fear of failure? Fear of humiliation? Fear of inadequacy? Maybe a little of each. Any time we step outside our comfort zone, fear is there to accompany us on the journey … as a gut-felt reminder that we should proceed with caution so as to make as few missteps as possible, but also as a cheerleader applauding us for being brave enough to embrace change. As an introvert, my comfort zone is quite small when compared to those of other, more outgoing personalities. I’m perfectly happy within that zone, but I know I must cross its boundaries daily whether I truly want to or not. Life demands that I do. So for me, this quote is particularly meaningful. 

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