Don’t Ever Quit

How many times in my life have I wanted to just crawl in a hole and hide from the world, feeling defeated, deflated, and disillusioned. Too often to count. But I never gave up … because of my father. My father was a husband and father of five. He was schizophrenic, and was institutionalized and treated with shock therapy twice during my childhood. And yet he fought against his personal demons so that he may work and provide for his family, which he did until he became ill with another condition … one that prevented him from working and contributed to him undergoing 40+ surgeries in 17 years, including multiple amputations, after which he succumbed to cancer. And yet through all of that, he never gave up, never stopped fighting to be there for his family as best he could, even if that meant only as inspiration to overcome and survive whatever unexpected battles we may be drafted to fight. Great things do take time. They also take patience and determination … and vision … and belief. I watched and I understood. I made it, Dad. Thank you.

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