Changing the World

A blank page. That is how some people view their life. These people feel unsuccessful and uninteresting, and therefore conclude that their lives are unimportant. They feel expendable … disposable. But the truth is that we are all born with the capacity to make a difference in other people’s lives and subsequently the world at large. And that difference-making begins with how we use language, be it spoken (conversation), written (publishing/texting), gestured (body language), or thought (self-talk). We use language to express and identify our feelings, to convey an idea or make a statement, to persuade, comfort, and educate others. To effect change in your life and to feel you belong here on this plane of existence, you must interact with others either directly or indirectly. These incredibly imaginative brains of ours are DESIGNED to be interactive, to direct new thoughts and ideas, and to write the history of our species. Withdrawing and isolating yourself from others because you have come to believe you are powerless, impotent, or unworthy is in direct conflict with your life purpose. You are here to explore, experience, examine, and express. That blank page you see when you look back on your life is merely a reflection of how you have come to see yourself and your relevance to the world. It is merely a projection of thought, and a thought can be changed. By crafting a new vocabulary for your self-talk, one that includes positive and supportive language, you will have begun to flesh out that blank page. You will be writing a new chapter in your life, one FULL of possibility … because you are the sole author, and your story line is only limited by your fear. Please know that it is safe to believe in yourself. It is safe to love yourself. It is safe to live.

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