Beverly’s Biography

Hello there! I am Beverly Inloes, the creator of Deeply Personal – One Person – One Voice, and I just wanted to take a few minutes to say hi and tell you a little about myself.

In this online world of ours, everyone wonders if someone they’re following is actually a REAL person or a fake personality created for the sole purpose of misleading people. Well, I see no need to present myself as someone or something I’m not because I really do like who I am and see no need to present myself as anything or anyone else.

Yes, I am a REAL person, a Baby Boomer Entrepreneur in fact. I currently have three online businesses I’m nurturing as well as a full-time gig as a technical editor for an environmental consulting firm in Orange County, California. So what that really means is that I love being online and working with words. This blog is a collection of my thoughts, thought-provoking quotes I relate to, and my desire to share with others a bit of what I’ve learned. To date, I’ve lived an eventful life that others have told me would make a great book some day. And some day, I will write that book. But for now, I am content with just sharing my thoughts with you here in this format. And as you read my bio, you will come to realize how my life developed, its influences, and perhaps even be encouraged or inspired.

So let’s begin … full disclosure … I was born a middle child of five in a family with Midwestern roots. My parents, who are from a small farming community in Oklahoma, moved to Southern California (San Diego) when they were young newlyweds, and it is where I was born and raised. Born in the early 1920s, neither of my parents completed high school, which was not all that unusual for their generation. As my father matured, he studied and became a general contractor and an inventor, but also eventually contracted schizophrenia for which he was, on occasion, institutionalized and treated with shock therapy. In the late 1960s, my father also developed severe arteriosclerosis, the result of which was 40+ major surgeries and multiple amputations taking place over a 17-year period that completely consumed my family. My mother supplemented the family income by taking in alterations and turning our home into a place of business. As one of nine children raised on a farm, my mother taught herself to sew her own school clothes by using cut-up flour sacks that were patterned after ready-made clothes she saw on a rack at a local five-and-dime department store. Sewing was her only marketable skill, and she made sure her children and husband were all fed and clothed during those tumultuous times through countless hours custom fitting other people’s clothes to their bodies.

I graduated high school at 16 but didn’t go on to college because of my father’s mental and physical illnesses, which crested the year I graduated. There were two younger brothers at home when I left school and my mother and father obviously needed help, so I … like my mother and father before me … took a self-taught skill (typing) and my love of reading and parlayed them into a career. At 16, I could type nearly 150 words per minute, and began my new career as a production typist preparing technical documentation for engineers and scientists, many of whom held PhDs, at the local US Navy engineering facility. This experience, in turn, morphed into a lifelong career of polishing and improving texts written in English by people from all over the world.

I’ve been married … and divorced … and have four beautiful children and five grandchildren to show for it — as well as an unfortunate bankruptcy. I was a single mom for about 14 years and worked as many jobs as I needed to support myself and my children, at one point cobbling together five different jobs over a 7-day workweek for several years. In the course of my moonlighting above and beyond my full-time day jobs, I have worked as a newspaper delivery person, a janitor, a house painter, a gardener, a carpet cleaner and installer, a new construction one-person cleanup crew, and a bookkeeper. I have also coached and umpired in Little League and fast-pitch softball, participating with my daughters in local and National all-star tournaments, and was even my oldest son’s Pop Warner Football team manager while 8 months pregnant with his little brother.

I have loved and buried a mother, a father, a sister, and a brother, as well as scores of aunts, uncles, and cousins. In the course of my life, I have dealt with death, betrayal, depression, mental illness, physical and sexual assault, suppression, and oppression, BUT I have also experienced birth, love, joy, ecstasy, hilarity, humility, gratitude, and great kindness.

During my first 50 years on this earth, I did my best to live and love as a heterosexual, which was expected of my generation. However, once my children were raised and on their own, I took the time to do some serious soul searching and concluded that, in addition to all of the above, I am also a woman who loves women. Out and proud at 50! Who’d of thought?

Yes, quite the life I’ve lived so far, and I’m just getting started.