A Light In The Darkness

If you consider the “darkness” in this quote to be a metaphor for ignorance, uncertainty, and fear, then what does “light” represent? I think LIGHT represents education, purpose, and determination. If you can read, you can acquire the education or knowledge needed to resolve an issue that has clouded your thoughts and plunged your sense of security into despair. We all have periods in our lives when we struggle with dark thoughts or negative situations, times when it is difficult to see anything positive in what’s going on around us and we just feel unable to find a solution. That is when it is most important to remember that YOUR PROBLEMS ARE YOUR SOLUTION. Hiding from your problems will never resolve them. You must confront them strategically. Step back and take a more objective look at what’s going on. What do you see as major obstacles? Are they interconnected? Can you break them down into individual issues? Make a list of these problems, putting the issues or concerns in one column and a list of solutions in another column. Never mind that you may not have the resources or knowledge for all of those solutions right now. List as many possibilities as you can think of, and then evaluate them one by one, prioritizing them as you go. Easiest first, and most difficult/complicated last. Once you identify the most feasible solutions, you can develop a plan for how to enact them. And that process is what will help you find the lighted path out of the darkness. Working the problem rather than wishing it would go away IS the light you are seeking.

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